have raw cake and eat it



  1. 1.To remove parasites and bacteria, soak all raw fruit and vegetables in a solution of water with apple cider vinegar for 20 minutes. Use 1 tablespoon vinegar per gallon or 1/4 cupful in a sink or water. You can add some salt to this solution which might be more effective.

  2. 2.If you have a regular blender or hand blender, you will be able to make the recipes using a blender, but it will take longer and you might not achieve such a smooth result. If you are serious about eating some raw foods regularly, I recommend investing in a high powered blender. I use mine many times a day and it is easy to clean and super powerful.

  3. 3.There are various ways of grinding small quantities of dry nuts and seeds. I use the small mill attachment of my Kenwood Food Processor which comes with a mill attachment, but the blender part isn’t that great. The Tribest Personal Blender is a more powerful blender with a mill attachment but the blender part is small and better suited for one person meals and smoothies or for travel or work. Some juicers such as the Matstone Juicer also grind nuts.

  4. 4.I find a dehydrator very useful to make finger foods such as raw crispy tacos, dehydrated crackers, buckwheatie bars and raw pizza. With a dehydrator, you will be able to dry out foods at low temperatures, making things that crunch without using an oven and preserving nutrients and enzymes. I have an Excalibur which I recommend and in my opinion in the one most worth buying. A dehydrator is not an essential initial investment for raw foods, but is useful to have, especially to make savoury food more interesting. You can find out more about dehydrating on the Excalibur website.

  5. 5.If you are going to eat cooked grains and pulses, it is important that they are washed, soaked in a mildly acidic solution (we use lemon juice) and warm water overnight and rinsed if cooking in the morning, or during the day if cooking in the evening. The soaking and rinsing process helps neutralise phytic acid in the coating of whole grains, which would otherwise bind with essential minerals in the body and prevent their absorption.

  6. 6.Although not preparation as such, chewing thoroughly is the best way to prepare your stomach to receive food. Nutritional therapists suggest that food should be chewed 20 - 30 times per mouthful and grains such as brown rice, which are acidic will be more alkalising if chewed well.

  7. 7.We have a Champion Juicer which is great for ice creams, nut butters and juice that combine other ingredients such as fruits or carrots/celery/cucumber with green leaves. The  Matstone Juicer is a great alternative - it even comes with an optional oil extractor as an extra and can be used for wheatgrass. My kids prefer juices to smoothies and it can be a great way of encouraging them to consume raw greens. The KT100 Juicer is a more expensive option, but a fantastic low auger, high yield juicer. For cancer patients the expensive Norwalk two step juicer although a cheaper option of the Health Steam Juice Press combined with the Champion is also recommended.

  8. 8.Raw ice creams are fantastic and our favourite is made simply with bananas. You can freeze bananas and put them through a homogenising blank of a juicer such as the Champion. Alternatively, you can use an ice cream maker where the options are limitless.

  9. 9.A porringer, or double boiler, is fantastic for melting butters or gently warming food without cooking it. We even love making porridge in it as it needs almost no stirring.

  10. 10.Avoid using a microwave - it is not a healthy way to prepare food.

Useful Reading

There is a Cure for Diabetes by Gabriel Cousens

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